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Climate Targets 2030: How Switzerland Can Halve Its Domestic Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Daniel Kaegi Joachim Stephan Pia Tischhauser Andreas Liedtke Patrick Herhold Stefan Schönberger Richard Goehringer Colin Neukom Fabian Schnell Sonja Loikala Andrej Krajnc

Switzerland faces an enormous climate challenge. By 2030, under the Paris Agreement, the country must reduce its annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 50 percent compared to 1990 levels. Two-thirds of these reductions must be achieved in the next eight years, while only one-third has been achieved between 1990 and 2021.

But Switzerland has also the potential to become a pioneer in the fight against climate change. The Swiss economy is considered the most innovative in the world, leading universities in climate science and globally leading climate start-ups are based in Switzerland.

The decarbonization of the transport, building, industry and agriculture sectors and the required expansion of renewable energies will need additional investments totaling around 140 billion Swiss francs by 2030.

But the investments are worthwhile: early adopters benefit from better financing conditions, high growth opportunities in the comparatively young green market, and increased attractiveness as an employer.

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