BCG’s Most Innovative Companies Report: The Collection

For nearly two decades, BCG has kept its finger on the pulse of corporate innovation—and published reports distilling learnings from the world’s most innovative companies.

Each year, we assess the current state of the art in corporate innovation and examine how the most innovative companies are reshaping, directing, organizing, and fueling their innovation engines. We also look at the changing landscape of innovation trends and challenges as well as of supporting technologies—and their implications for product, service, and business model innovation.

You can explore the collection below.

The Most Innovative Companies Report 2024

Innovation Systems Need a Reboot

This year we investigate a paradox. In the history of our Most Innovative Companies research, organizations have never placed a higher priority on innovation, yet they have never been as unready to deliver on their innovation aspirations—and GenAI is coming. Their innovation systems urgently need a reboot. What lessons do the world’s most innovative companies provide?

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