Unleashing the Data Economy

Smart homes, the Internet of Things, social media, mobile applications, and other technologies are generating an unprecedented amount of data. However, despite its potential to unlock significant value and address large societal challenges, data doesn’t have any inherent value itself. Data only achieves value by being transformed into insights, applications, and services. While this process is often contained within individual companies, new applications and technologies are giving way to a new kind of value loop—one that spans across organizations.

But too often data remains stuck. While many companies are well underway on their digital journeys, organizations have yet to realize their data’s full potential, which can only come from their participation in the data economy. The data economy is increasingly based on data sharing in intercompany ecosystems, and growing it will require building new capabilities, harnessing emerging technologies for enablement, and defining new organizational and governance models to support greater collaboration. In this series of articles, we explore different aspects of unleashing the data economy. Topics include understanding what the data economy is and examining its value, the challenges of data sharing, and how firms can navigate the changing landscape of opportunity.


Why Do We Need a Data Economy?


The Data Economy of the Future

What is the path to a world of increased data sharing?

The Emerging Art of Ecosystem Management

Many companies are building or joining collaborative networks. The challenge is how to effectively set up and manage these ecosystems and use them strategically to maximize value—and gain a competitive edge.

Future Models

Where Is Data Sharing Headed?

Companies thinking about participating in data ecosystems need to consider the opportunities and risks that the various models present.


Requirements of a Vibrant Data Economy

These features of data sharing are essential to achieve the true potential of the data economy.

Anticipate the Unexpected

How Far Can Your Data Go?

How should companies think about use cases that are distant, unknown, or do not yet exist?

Click on the data uses or data entities in the graphic below to explore a network of data sharing.



Data Sharing, Past and Present


BCGの戦略シンクタンクとして、アイデア創出に有効なテクノロジーを活用し、ビジネス、テクノロジー、科学分野からの新しい価値あるインサイトを探求・開発しています。ビジネスリーダーを巻き込んで、ビジネスの理論と実践の境界線を広げ、ビジネス内外から革新的アイデアを取り入れるための刺激的なディスカッションや実験を行っています。2022年7月に日本における拠点であるBHI Japanを設立しました。

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