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BCG Partners with SAP on Sustainability

BCG and SAP have joined forces to deliver tech-enabled sustainability transformations that create business value for clients. This partnership accelerates companies in their journey to zero waste and zero emissions, helping leaders generate sustainable competitive advantage and 10% market premiums in many industries.

The SAP and BCG Partnership Is Unique

We enable companies to identify business value in sustainability by taking an end-to-end approach, beginning with a transparent view of a company’s sustainability footprint. This perspective helps shape and steer a holistic sustainability strategy, which in turn gives rise to initiatives that are focused squarely on business value. To turn these plans into reality, the partnership leverages cutting-edge sustainability technology and effective change management.

Four key differentiators set the SAP and BCG partnership apart:

Integrated Offering

A comprehensive offering covering everything from sustainability strategy to technology solutions

Scale Up

Ability to quickly scale up digital solutions, with access to the full power of the SAP ecosystem

Enterprise Grade Abilities

Enterprise-grade abilities cascading from strategy to information systems and embedded across the organization


An integrated package where BCG insights build on SAP data, technologies, and processes

Our Dedicated Digital Solutions

Our offering leverages BCG and SAP expertise, solutions, and technology—and a deep understanding of how sustainability factors contribute to business success—to enable companies across the entire value chain.

Zero Emissions: CO2 AI and SAP Product Footprint Management

Zero Waste: CIRCelligence and SAP Responsible Design and Production Solution

Holistic Steering: Compliance TOM and SAP Sustainability Control Tower

BCG and SAP: A CEO-Sponsored Initiative

Contact the BCG Team

The BCG and SAP partnership brings together top experts from both firms. To learn how our partnership can benefit you, reach out to our BCG experts.