Value Creation for the Rest of Us

The 2015 Value Creators Report

By Gerry HansellJeff KotzenEric Olsen, and Hady Farag

Value Creation for the Rest of Us is the seventeenth annual report in the Value Creators series published by The Boston Consulting Group. Each year, we offer commentary on trends in the global economy and in the world’s capital markets, share BCG’s latest research and thinking on value creation, describe our experiences working with clients to improve their value-creation performance, and publish detailed empirical rankings of the performance of the world’s top value creators.

This year’s report focuses on companies that are creating superior value relative to their peers despite facing strong economic headwinds.

When it comes to value creation, companies have a lot to learn from those that face tough economic challenges and yet succeed in delivering strong total shareholder return (TSR) relative to their peers.

Despite severe economic conditions in the container-shipping industry, Maersk Group has successfully navigated the turbulence, improved its value-creation performance, and outperformed its peers.

A new focus on value creation allowed U.S. home builder PulteGroup to fundamentally change its business model and become one of the highest-performing value creators in its industry.

Focusing on value creation can be an extremely useful way to jump-start a far-reaching organizational and business transformation. Follow these six steps to reinvent your company’s value-creation strategy. 

Download a PDF of the complete 2015 BCG Value Creators rankings, which list the top ten value creators globally and in 27 industry sectors for the five years from 2010 through 2014.


This report is a product of BCG’s Corporate Development practice. The authors would like to thank their BCG colleagues Lars Faeste, Danny Friedman, Nick Glenning, Jérôme Hervé, Jens Kengelbach, Alexander Roos, and Eric Wick.

The authors would also like to thank Robert Howard for his contributions to the conceptualization and writing of this report and Philippe Dehillotte for his contributions to the research.