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By Anne KleppeRandi GriffinJan Ittner, and Steven Mills
A key demand of such scaling is that GenAI systems operate as intended, producing accurate and reliable outputs. Learn more about scaling GenAI here.
By Charles BiHaoran Li, and Silvio Palumbo
Personalization optimizes individual experiences, but managing multiple marketing levers is complex. Learn how longitudinal experimentation is key for success.
By Liam ConnellAdam Wlostowski, and David Potere
Discover how BCG X's 10/20/70 strategy helps integrate satellite remote sensing into business intelligence, overcoming challenges and navigating uncertainties.
By Matt Scharpnick
BCG expert, Matt Scharpnick, explores UX design for Generative AI, focusing on balancing user control and automation with insights from music platforms.
By Daniel Martines and Alex Dou
In the world of data and analytics, the ability to converse with data using natural language can seem almost like science fiction. But in this article, we highlight how we partnered with Scale AI on a real-life implementation of a generative AI (GenAI) solution to enable business users to access data using natural language, a technique known as text-to-SQL.

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