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By Gaurav JindalAsha Venugopal, and Shamik Chokshi
Digitization is fueling innovation in the industrial manufacturing production process, leading to high quality standards and increased efficiency.
BCG X shares insights on blending Generative AI's innovation with Predictive AI's analytics to boost business performance and drive transformation.
By Daniel SackCasper van Langen, and Nigel Markey
To support the rise of autonomous agents, BCG X created AgentKit, a framework for developers to build agent applications. Learn about this AI revolution here.
By Robin Wagner and Danny Smith
Why Generative AI enables a leap forward in the automotive customer experience.
By Saul Flores and Nicole Yu
By putting desirability front and center, businesses can broaden the aperture of what they can solve and how.

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BCG X――BCGのテクノロジーとデジタル、デザインの専門家集団――は、大胆な新しいプロダクト、サービス、ビジネスの構築により、現在を建設的に破壊し、将来をつくり出します。