Markus Massi is a core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Principal Investors & Private Equity (PIPE) and Financial Institutions practices. He leads BCG’s PIPE practice in the Middle East as well as BCG's global work with sovereign wealth funds (SWFs).

Since joining BCG in 2000, Markus has worked with numerous SWFs, pension funds, private equity companies, investment holdings, and family conglomerates on projects related to investment strategies, due diligence, portfolio enhancements, and a wide range of organizational and operational topics. Additionally, he has helped a number of government institutions develop country and sector strategies.

Beyond his work with principal investors, Markus has acquired in-depth expertise working with central banks, regulators, and exchanges and financial centers. He has worked on projects related to financial sector strategies, rules and regulations, supervisory tasks, and wide range of organizational and operational topics. His worked with more than 100 financial institutions across Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East.

Before joining BCG, Markus worked for several financial institutions in Frankfurt, New York, London, Luxembourg, and Brussels