Marketing Catalyst by BCG

Marketing executives face enormous complexity in managing multiple brands, markets, and channels. To drive profitable growth, they need to extract actionable insights from the huge volumes of data flooding in from diverse sources. And they must use those insights to make the right decisions—fast. Marketing Catalyst by BCG helps them meet these imperatives.

It’s not easy managing vast numbers of brands, markets, and channels—each with different opportunities and needs, and each generating enormous volumes of data that must be continually cleaned, matched, and structured. Given the inconsistent performance metrics across channels, it’s even harder to gauge each marketing initiative’s impact to determine which efforts are delivering the best returns and where to allocate marketing spending. Common data analytics approaches—econometric analysis, test and learn, consumer surveys—are all useful but have limits.

To overcome these hurdles, companies need data-driven marketing solutions. That’s where Marketing Catalyst comes in.

Marketing Catalyst harnesses the power of data and analytics to help marketing professionals make smarter, faster decisions aimed at driving not just growth but profitable growth. This sophisticated enterprise digital-marketing solution enables companies to collect, harmonize, and visualize data from multiple sources in one place—providing a single source of truth to inform, in real time, the countless decisions that marketers make every day.

Marketing Catalyst is backed by BCG’s deep expertise in marketing and change management and integrates our cutting-edge IP into a fully supported, secure, advanced data analytics solution. Clients deploying Marketing Catalyst have supercharged the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing moves. And they’ve scored sustainable successes as a result.

How Marketing Catalyst Works

An exceptional data-driven marketing solution, Marketing Catalyst helps clients drive profitable growth through four potent advantages:

  • An objective approach to marketing decisions
  • Fast, sophisticated scenario modeling
  • A common format and language for gaining visibility into marketing performance
  • Decisions that deliver impact in both the short and long term

Marketing Catalyst by BCG

Take a closer look at the challenges facing marketing professionals today, and discover how Marketing Catalyst helps marketers overcome those challenges by putting data science at the center of each marketing decision.

Marketing Catalyst comprises three powerful modules that are designed to help marketing professionals tackle their toughest strategic, tactical, and digital challenges.




Marketing Catalyst Success Stories

We’ve deployed our Marketing Catalyst solution with multiple clients, helping them build a culture of data-driven decision making. By deploying this enterprise digital-marketing solution, marketing professionals—from the CMO level to country-level brand teams to clients’ agency partners—have been able to access the right data and make the right choices.

Read about what they’ve achieved.

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A global consumer goods company is using Marketing Catalyst’s strategic, tactical, and digital modules to create a marketing effectiveness culture across 80 markets to drive a 10% increase in incremental gross profit. The solution is used by 1,500 marketers and senior leaders, and more than ten agency partners, to allocate advertising and promotional (A&P) budgets based on the highest profit potential; to create granular, optimized brand plans based on the allocated budget; and track all digital campaigns and digital best practice adoption.

In 2020, BCG integrated Lighthouse, our proprietary demand forecasting data platform, into Marketing Catalyst across 13 countries representing 70% of the client’s A&P investment. Using this data, Marketing Catalyst now enables the client to understand how COVID-19 will impact each market differently over time and provides more confidence as they build country-specific plans in the short and long term.

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A multinational food and beverage company used Marketing Catalyst to identify a potential $40 million incremental gross profit. The solution helped the company integrate disparate data sources into one framework and combine this data with business priorities to make strategic investment decisions based on the growth potential of brands across its portfolio. To ensure the sustainability of the results, the company embedded Marketing Catalyst into its marketing investment process and operating model.

SIIA CODiE Award: Best Business Intelligence Solution, 2021

BCG won the CODiE Award for Best Business Intelligence Solution for its tool Marketing Catalyst by BCG. The award recognizes the best solution for supporting decision-making in a business process by providing analysis, information, delivery, and platform integration. Marketing Catalyst by BCG enables companies to collect, harmonize, and visualize data from multiple sources in one place—providing a single source of truth to inform, in real time, the countless decisions that marketers make every day.

Expert Support Throughout the Marketing Catalyst Journey

Our Marketing Catalyst team includes experts in marketing efficiency and effectiveness, data and analytics, change management, and the implementation of this cutting-edge data-driven marketing solution. We work shoulder to shoulder with clients—providing training, conducting workshops, and answering all questions—to help them unlock Marketing Catalyst’s full power and deliver sustained impact.

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