Retail AI

A Revolutionary Suite of Retail AI Solutions

Using holistic, tailored retail intelligence software, our Retail AI technology unlocks critical advantages across the six vital components of the value chain. Establish competitive advantage with Retail AI by ensuring the availability of goods and services, examining customer data, and predicting future behavior.

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uplift in sales


increase in operating profit margin

Up to 50%

boost in EBITDA


gain in functional productivity

About Retail AI

Artificial intelligence will be at the core of every future retail transformation. Retailers must modernize their commercial, operational, and supply chain functions to build for that future. To accelerate this journey, BCG X developed Retail AI, a suite of proprietary tools that leverages advanced analytics and technology for retail sustainability across the value chain. Retail AI is built into your existing environment—with your data and your people—to help develop unique, highly actionable solutions that are customized to your business.

Retail AI’s six interconnected teams partner with clients to develop an overarching AI in retail strategy, define a multiyear transformation roadmap, and establish an advanced business unit to drive progress. With our Retail AI technology comes a complete transformation, enabling stronger forecasting, the build of customer-driven assortments, and omnichannel differentiation for price positioning, distribution plans, hyper-personalization strategies—as well as improving sustainability and carbon reduction across the value chain.


Enhancing Core Strategy with AI in Retail

Combining the power of traditional AI with generative AI, our Retail AI solutions include six teams working together to boost effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation.

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Building Retail AI Solutions Across the Value Chain

Retail AI takes BCG’s deep retail strategy experience and unites it with BCG X’s Retail AI technology for up-to-the-minute business solutions, using a comprehensive AI execution model built on BCG’s 10/20/70 rule: 10% dedicated to creating a portfolio of high-impact use cases, ignited by an initial strategy that delivers value fast; 20% to building an integrated data and technology system; and 70% to transforming people and operating-model capabilities.

The solutions we develop are targeted to provide differential value, seamlessly integrating into your tech and data environment without unnecessary spending or replatforming. Retail AI accelerates progress by taking a business-first, algorithm-backed approach to support the scaling of these tools, demonstrated by six synergistic domains unlocking unprecedented value.


Our Clients’ Success with Retail AI


Meet Our Retail AI Technology Team

Our team of experts delivers custom-made solutions for clients across the retail industry. Here are some of the team members creating Retail AI solutions and crafting modern business technology for retail sustainability.


Javier Anta Callersten

Managing Director & Senior Partner


Headshot of BCG expert Gavin Parker Managing Director & Senior Partner

Gavin Parker

Managing Director & Senior Partner



Nick Goad

Managing Director & Senior Partner

Washington, DC

Headshot of BCG expert Silvio Palumbo Managing Director & Partner

Silvio Palumbo

Managing Director & Partner

New York


Khaled Tawfik

Managing Director & Partner



Shishir Agarwal

Managing Director & Senior Partner

New Jersey


Matt Clarke

Managing Director & Partner



France Joris

Managing Director & Partner


Sebastian Bak

Sebastian Bak

Managing Director & Partner

Los Angeles


Robert Xu

Managing Director & Partner


Headshot of BCG expert Chris Biggs

Chris Biggs

Managing Director & Senior Partner; Global Leader, Retail Sector


Caroline Israel.jpg

Caroline Israel

Managing Director & Partner


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